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If you’ve ever moved into a new space, lost your house keys, or had to fire an annoying employee, you may have been in a situation where you’ve considered changing your locks. Most individuals do not know that instead of changing their locks, there is a much better and often cheaper solution: re-keying them. Here, our home locksmith will explain to you what it means to “re-key” a lock and, more importantly, when you should re-key your locks instead of changing them.

You’ve just moved into a new home and want to re-key the locks for added security.

You may not know this, but when you move into a new home, you should always re-key the locks. This is because you don’t know who may have keys to your house from the previous owner or tenants.

Westgate Locksmith can help! We offer residential re-key service that will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

Why is this fundamental, you ask? As it can save you quite a lot of money every year. Some locksmiths take advantage of the fact that individuals are unaware of the differences. Instead of describing the different possibilities to the buyer, they choose the most expensive choice for them.

The two most common scenarios for changing the key to your locks are:

1. If you are satisfied with your locks, however, you want to change the key so that the old key does not work at this time.

  • If you’ve moved into a new space and don’t know who else has the key.
  • You have lost a replica of your key and are afraid that someone will find it.
  • You want to prevent someone who has the key from entering.

2. Once you have different keys for different locks, you want each to match a single key. (since each of the locks is of the same brand or keyhole)


When should you change your locks?

1. You want your locks to have a different color or design. For example, if you’ve moved to a new space and your locks are still old and rusty, you might want to get fresh, better-looking locks.

2. Once you want to improve your safety and change your locks to high-security locks or electronic locks.

3. If you have locks of different  brands in your home and you want each of them to work with the same key,

Some newer types of locks offer the possibility of changing them easily at home without having to dismantle them or call a trustworthy locksmith. Such locks, such as Kwikset Smart Key and Schlage SecureKey, continue to grow in popularity as an optimization technology but still have shortcomings.

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