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Business lock issues can cost you potential revenue and a lot of time. Every business organization should ensure that their locks are working properly and that defective locks are repaired or replaced were previously possible. Once the internal elements of the locks are damaged and cannot be repaired, a commercial lock change is needed.

Businesses need to protect their assets and employees by ensuring that their doors are locked securely at all times.

Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize the importance of keeping their doors locked until it’s too late. In a study by Forbes, 43% of businesses that had a break-in were never open again.

Westgate Locksmith offers a commercial lock change service that can help your business stay secure. Our locksmiths are experienced in changing and installing locks for businesses of all sizes. We also offer 24/7 emergency services, so you can rest assured knowing that your business is always safe and secure.

Our expert business locksmiths provide efficient business lock-changing services that will restore the stability and functionality of your business. You can count on our professional technicians to get the job done right, to keep your business fully usable and secure, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

We offer commercial lock changing services for:

  • Office locks
  • Locks for external offices
  • Office panic bar locks
  • Office filing cabinets
  • Office safes
  • Office locking systems
  • Office supply cabinets
  • Office Garage


When moving to a new place, keeping swapping locks is a good measure of stability. Since people who have previously occupied this room are likely to have working keys, it may be wise to modify the locks to avoid vulnerabilities. While this can sometimes be done simply by rekeying the lock, modifying the locks is a good choice if the locks remain damaged or worn out or if you want to increase the lock’s strength by installing a completely different lock.

Even the most harmless employees can potentially engage in destructive or criminal behavior when fired. Call your trusted locksmith to deliver your locks as soon as you have staff turnover. Let’s say you’re doing a job with a standard lock and key system.

If so, consider upgrading to a system that allows employees to use a code or ticket to enter your facility.

Upgrading to a newer system will cost you less in the long run because you don’t have to change your locks every time someone leaves your job.

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